Protecting Yourself and Your Property When Moving Into Your Apartment

March 27, 2017

If it is time to move into a new apartment, you have a lot to do. Moving requires quite a lot of effort and coordination on your part. You have to pack your belongings, organize transportation, and transfer your financial obligations to the new address.

However, before you move in, there are many unique liabilities that you need to protect. During the move-in process, you need to protect yourself against move-specific liabilities. As you enter this new place, take care to protect yourself and your new property.

Get Appropriate Insurance

Most apartment complexes now require tenants to carry renters insurance.

Renters insurance protects your personal property and any liability risks you face in the apartment. Additionally, it can also protect your responsibilities towards the rented space while you occupy the dwelling.

Before moving, find out what insurance levels your apartment complex requires. Also make sure that you buy enough coverage to protect your personal property within the space.

Don’t Move In Without Approval

You almost always can’t move into your apartment without the expressed permission of your landlord.

Before you move into your apartment, the space likely has to undergo a certain period of preparation for its new occupants. Your complex may use the time between move out and move in to paint, repair broken appliances, and sanitize the apartment. You only take over responsibility for the space after you sign your lease. Your lease indicates that the apartment complex has met its obligations to provide a safe space for you.

If you attempt to move in before your property owner is ready to release the property to you, then you likely have very little legal protection in the new space. Your insurance may not cover you, and your apartment lessor may not have to honor any liability claims because you occupied the space too early.

Check Your Home Thoroughly

Most apartment complexes require you to complete a move-in safety check shortly after you take possession of your apartment.

These checklists allow you to mark any potential safety and damage risks within the apartment. You may indicate broken steps, faulty locks and other small damages within the space.

This checklist gives your complex a baseline to take note of any small maintenance problems in the apartment. It also helps you protect your personal liabilities before your landlords. Filling out a checklist helps you let your landlord know about any damages, so the landlord doesn’t hold you responsible later.

Finally, always take stock of your new surroundings. Pay attention to any safety risks that may lead to fires, injuries, or theft. Take steps immediately to protect yourself against your risks.

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