Fire Department Insurance

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Fire departments perform a variety of jobs in their communities. For example, this includes suppressing fires, responding to emergency medical situations, and educating the public on fire safety. With so many different functions, you'll want insurance to help cover your department against the unique risks you face.

Protect your portable equipment and vehicles.

Your firefighters depend on their portable equipment to protect themselves and their communities from fires and other dangerous situations. An inland marine insurance policy may help cover your equipment while responding to the latest emergency. Your fire department also needs specialized fleet insurance to cover all of your vehicles, from the large ladder trucks and fire engines down to the SUVs and brush trucks. Your fleet insurance policy needs to offer more specific coverage than typical insurance since your vehicles are often in dangerous situations and are prone to risk and damage.

Fighting fires is dangerous.

There's a reason firefighters are often considered heroes by their communities. It's because they'll run into a burning building to save lives despite the risk to themselves. Workers' compensation insurance provides coverage for injuries and illnesses sustained on the job. If they get hurt on the job, they will be covered. It's not only protection for your department, it's protection for your firefighters. Coverage requirements may vary by locale, however, so it's important to have the proper coverage in place.

Are volunteer firefighters and EMS covered?

If you have active volunteers in your fire department, you’ll want to make sure your policy covers them for things like medical expenses, indemnity for loss of life or other injuries, as well as income protection due to disability.

Environmental impairment insurance is a surprising need.

There are several environmental pollution concerns that fire departments should be aware of. Pollutants can arise from emergency responses as well as equipment washdowns and training activities. Defending environmental claims can be expensive. Having environmental impairment insurance may help protect your department financially in case of a claim of environmental damage.

Don't forget other business insurance policies.

You'll need commercial property insurance for your firehouse. And in this digital age, your department will need cyber liability insurance which can offer protection if your computer network is hacked. You'll also need to consider general business coverages like employment practice liability insurance, errors and omissions liability insurance (E&O), as well as directors and officers liability insurance (D&O).

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